About the Commission
on Economic Inclusion

The Commission on Economic Inclusion, a program of the Greater Cleveland Partnership, has been working with Northeast Ohio employers for more than sixteen years to make the region’s diversity a source of economic strength. In a diverse environment, economic growth cannot be sustained without including its diverse workforce and utilizing its minority-owned businesses. The Commission works to increase board, senior management, workforce and supplier diversity among all industries and sectors; with the goal of ensuring that minority businesses and minority workers are part of Northeast Ohio’s economic prosperity. Ultimately, this work is fueled by the belief that businesses and the region are stronger with greater diversity.

Sharing Best Practices

This Best Practice Library is intended to share articles, reports and research that will help our members regardless of where they are on their diversity and inclusion journey.

The most recent articles will always appear at the top of the front page to help you keep up on the most recent information.  We encourage you to use the link at the bottom of the menu to the left to submit content that you feel would add to this library of information.

The content is also archived in 14 categories that align with the Diversity and Inclusion Organization Assessment.  This tool, available to any organization as a benefit of membership in the Greater Cleveland Partnership, adds to our aggregate study of our region, but also provides feedback that allows participants to focus in on specific opportunities for improvement.

Contact Gina Cheverine at (216) 592-2261 or for more information on the D&I Assessment.

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